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Car Giveaway Australia

Get ready for an exciting opportunity in Australia! At Import Car Japan we don’t just import cars, we also offer some amazing car giveaway competitions, for all types of automobiles! Imagine winning you very own high-performance JDM or even some legendary Aussie Icons! This amazing competition gives the chance for lucky winner to drive off in style as they win their dream car. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, in need of an upgrade, or just want to win a car and resell, our giveaway is your ticket to a dream ride. Stay tuned for your chance to rev up your life with a fantastic new vehicle for as little as $30 See you at the next competition!

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The buzz surrounding our past competitions were fantastic! Our car giveaways is your chance to win a new car and we not only to get popular and unique JDMs for our comp but also anything else that would interest any type of car enthusiast as you saw from one of our recent draws. Be sure to keep checking back on what is coming up next and don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list so you won’t miss out on the opportunity to win a car!

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