3 reasons to why you should find a trustworthy mechanic and stick to them

You’ve all heard the horror stories, the ones about dodgy mechanics ripping off guys who just want a decent and honest service for the cars for even the most minor of repairs. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know the difference between repairing a dim headlight and changing the oil engine, and why should they (ok that is a bit embarrassing)? It’s the mechanic’s job. However, if you especially own a JDM import it is very worthwhile that you know some of the basics to avoid getting ripped a new one from the mechanic that calls you ‘brother’ and pretends he will look after you, and if you have a Euro you’re even more f’d.



Shifty mechanics are more than happy to exploit you if they think they’ve spotted a real pigeon. This is why it’s imperative to find the one good, trustworthy mechanic and stick with them, ensuring that you have a reliable partner every time you need to bring the car in for a service or reparis

Here is exactly why:


  1. The same mechanic will understand your vehicle and treat it as his own 

By sticking with the one mechanic, you ensure that you are going to see someone who will really get to know your car. All cars – despite their factory settings – end up being different, as they are driven differently, modded and tuned differently, and experience different faults as a result.

Therefore, it’s best practice to continue seeing a mechanic who will soon understand the inner workings of your vehicle and will have no problem troubleshooting any issues your vehicle experiences. What’s more, enlisting the same trusted mechanic will ensure that they can see any future problems before they become serious problems, thus providing you with a near fail-proof method of service.


  1. You will get better prices if you go to the same mechanic

Yeah, we know some mechanics are known for being some of the more dodgy characters in the trade industry, but they do like it when they have a good, reliable client base that won’t just come in for the one service and take off again. A bit like a root n boot, leaving them hanging.

The same mechanic will give you better prices once they get to know you more, as they will be appreciative of the fact you are happy to use their service. You support them, they support you, simple. After all, all it really takes is the ability to get along with the mechanic and they surely won’t rip you off, as it’s even better for business to have you giving out those all-important word of mouth appraisals, detailing how good a job they do at such great a price!

Getting back to appraisals and good word of mouth – I mean, FFS I have heard people talk mad sh*t saying their mechanic is the best and looks after them, so I bring in both my S15 and C63 for just minor things and realise they are ready to rip me open another hole and feast like an all you can eat buffet. Having the Euro really puts the icing on the cake. The problem is most of us, even if we know our stuff are in a rush and just leave our cars so we can quickly get to work like the little slave sheep we are. The mechanic thinks we don’t know much and tries to talk stuff like, “brother your timing belt needs changing and your rotors need to be machined” even though you have done this recently. If you have the time, and you know your stuff, it doesn’t hurt to go through your diagnosis and explain a bit about your vehicle to them, they will know not to try and rip you off.


  1. You will know who caused the issue with your vehicle 

When you jump from shop to shop like a cheap courtesan, not taking any real notice of what work is being done and just in and out wham bam thank you, then you won’t know who to hold accountable if a problem suddenly arises. Change too many partners you won’t know who you caught something from, same thing!

Conversely, if you go to the same mechanic, you will be able to take the car straight back to them with the knowledge that they caused a particular issue post-repair or service. Unfortunately, mechanics don’t always get the job done right, and that’s normal we are only human and everyone makes mistakes so don’t be a d***head when you bring your car back in. It’s important to know just who you can hold accountable to get the issue sorted through an honest mechanic.

If you go to the same mechanic on a regular basis, you can trust that they will keep a diagnostic record to make their job easier and to ensure you get your car back faster if any issues arise.

As you can see, sticking with the same mechanic – as opposed to finding a new one every time – comes with a wealth of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked next time – and the times after – you need to see a reliable operator! And remember, don’t be a flop to them and act like you know more than them. “I swear cuz I redline this thing all the time no problems man, what you mean the engine is stuffed?” Get back on your e scooter man and gtfo of here.


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