The Evolution of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The Evo of the Evo!

The Mitsubishi Lancer has been around since 1973, but it has undergone a massive evolution over the last 50 years, especially considering that this car was out of. Yet, its legacy is still one that is kept alive today, as this has become one of the more popular racing cars on the circuit over the last 30 years.


Once Upon a Time…

While Lancer had been around since 1973, the Evo launched in 1992. It quickly gained racing certification and its initial production run sold out within just a few days. The car became an instant hit because it was featured in such movies as Fast and Furious, and many racers and car enthusiasts love the design and handling it provided.

Its success was not just rooted in movie production. The Evo was waiting on the track, thanks to racers like Tommi Mäkinen, who won four consecutive WRC Drivers’ Championships (1996-99) using four different models of the racer. This led to Mitsubishi winning the WRC Manufacturers’ Championship in 1998. The Evo was clearly a winner.

It was one of the more popular models, especially among racers across Asia and Europe, but finally reached North America in 2001. Just five years later it was crowned by Automobile magazine as vehicles in the country, receiving the “All-Stars Award.”

The Evo lived up to his reputation. It was one of the more popular racing cars on the planet but was not built for consumers. No doubt it could handle corners and turns on a track with the best of them,  there were a few bumps along the way. such as the fact that there were several recall issues related to the vehicle which has since been rectified.



A Changing World

Mitsubishi made modifications and changes to provide better reliability, but the reputation had convinced many consumers that newer and more eco friendly cars are the way to go. Also the fact that the JDM scene has died down, the Evo’s are now pretty much a collector’s car and do cost quite a bit!

Now there is a massive push for more eco-friendly cars. Those vehicles that were committing a lower carbon footprint were viewed as better choices according to the global “elite”, and the Evo was not fitting into the standard that the new gen were looking for, and the fact they are quite expensive now as mentioned.

According to a survey done by ‘car buyers today’ many car buyers were looking for more legroom and bigger trunk space. This was especially true for families, and the Evo could not provide the desired space. Not many people are into fast cars these days, the scene has changed. Before we would see dads with their family cars but also their own hobby cars. This is not the case anymore as it is becoming a lot harder to find and buy these cars.

In 2017, the vehicle was officially retired. While it may no longer being made, it is still one of the JDM gems. There are currently no plans to resume production of the vehicle so the longer you wait to have us import this for you. The more expensive it will become. We have noticed prices have gone up over the past month so be sure to start the process with us ASAP.


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